July 24—Meeting speaker—Chris jadallah

Researcher at the UC Berkeley Urban Bee Lab

This month’s speaker is Chris Jadallah, a researcher at the UC Berkeley Urban Bee Lab. He will be speaking about the Urban Bee Lab’s ongoing work on several local Brentwood farms along with information on how you can support native bees in your garden. One of the Bee Lab partner farms is Frog Hollow Farm in Brentwood, CA. The Urban Bee Lab’s mission is to protect and restore native bees by furthering the understanding of the relationships between bees, flowers, and people. Chris works on several of the Lab’s research projects in urban and agricultural sites around the state, along with participating in outreach. He recently earned a B.S. Conservation and Resource Studies from UC Berkeley and has a background in ecology and environmental education. Look for the lab’s book, California Bees & Blooms: A Guide for Gardeners and Naturalists, available online.

Most people are aware of the honeybee crisis, but honeybees aren’t the only ones in trouble. Other pollinators are also in decline. Since becoming aware of the honeybee crisis, researchers have put more emphasis into studying all pollinators. They have learned that native bees not only pollinate crops alongside honeybees, but also improve the efficiency of honeybee pollination. And some native bee species are even more efficient at pollinating than honeybees.

Nurturing a garden habitat for native bees gives them a place in which to live, eat and raise their young. Creating a habitat for bees is creating a wildlife habitat for all, because it attracts other wildlife, such as butterflies, birds, hummingbirds and other insects.
We hope you’ll join us on Monday, July 24, as learn more about the pollinators and what we can do for the pollinators. Any home gardener, with even the smallest garden, can make a difference.

Visit helpabee.org for more information

Helen Wheeler, Vice President, Programs

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President's Message | july 2017

It's hot!

What a wonderful Summer Potluck we had. So many people attended and we had lots of really fabulous curious containers. I’m always amazed at the creative and innovative entries our members create. What a clever group you are and of course the food, as always, was wonderful. Thank you to all who participated and a big thank you to the Selders for hosting.

This has probably been the hottest summer I’ve experienced since moving to Brentwood. I try to get out to work in the garden very early in the morning or early evening when it’s cooler, but it’s been frustrating not to be able to spend more time outside. Most of our plants are doing just fine, despite the heat. The salvias are just beautiful and two newer plants we’ve been growing I’m especially happy with. One is our Hummingbird Plant, which puts out beautiful orange tubular flowers, is drought tolerant and as the name implies attracts hummingbirds. The other is Asclepias, a milkweed, which produces beautiful clusters of yellow-gold flowers. Both of these plants stand up to the heat very well. I’m currently collecting seeds from the Asclepias hoping to grow some more. I hope your gardening goes well and lets hope for a little cooler weather.