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President's Message | November 2017

HAPPY Thanksgiving

We have finished our propagation workshops for now but stay tuned for further days of work ahead. Thank you to all who came out to help on Saturday mornings. We’re off to a great start for our 2018 30th Anniversary plant sale. We have many plants started from divisions, cuttings, and seeds too.

It’s hard to believe this year is coming to an end. As the season changes, I look at our garden and am so pleased with so many plants we have accumulated. I love the chrysanthemums we bought at the plant sale this year. They’re full of blooms and beautiful colors. The tecoma capensis (Cape Honeysuckle) is the one that has taken center stage though in the garden. (I think I say this every year).

We have several now and with their brilliant red-orange flowers, they have hummingbirds all over them. The birds are all over the trees and shrubs with berries and I even found another praying mantis yesterday. The garden is really alive and thriving this time of year.
I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I’ll look forward to seeing you at the Christmas Potluck.


OCTOBER 23—Cathy Voortman

A Cut Flower Garden For Brentwood in Spring and Summer

Cathy Voortman is thrilled to be DIG’s speaker at our November 27th meeting. Her Powerpoint presentation is titled “A Cut Flower Garden for Brentwood in Spring and Summer” and includes photos of her garden plants and bouquets. Several years ago, one of Cathy’s goals was to replace her “just-survive-the-summer” garden with a more “thrive-in-summer garden.” This year, she found an over-abundance of bloom to cut and bring inside to enjoy in the form of bouquets--taking pictures along the way to share with you. Now that it is fall, with winter just around the corner, her presentation will tempt you to reminisce about last spring’s ephemeral beauty and summer’s dazzling glory. This is the perfect time to plan for next year. Cathy hopes her talk will give you the inspiration to do that.

Cathy has been an avid gardener for at least 15 years and a lifelong lover of plants, which was probably rooted in her upbringing by her father, an apricot farmer, and her mother, whose biology major included a love of botany. Cathy admittedly has a plant problem (that some call a passion). Despite vowing to scale back due to the demands of her growing family, the problem seems only to grow with the promise of each passing year.
Cathy received her B.A. from UC Davis in 2000. Here she learned her basic plant biology while surrounded by some of the finest greenhouses and arboretums a plant-lover could imagine. She interned at UC Davis Botanical Conservatory and worked a few years as lab manager for UC Extension’s Plant Pathology Specialist--doing everything from sweeping floors and pouring Petri dishes, to assisting grad students with their research.
Cathy also worked a short stint at Amador Flower Farm--a retail nursery and daylily-growing grounds in Plymouth, CA. Much of her gardening knowledge, however, comes directly from experience in her Brentwood garden. Cathy has lived in Brentwood most of her life, and she’s excited her talk can apply directly to all of us living in Brentwood’s wonderfully warm-seasoned climate.

Before her children, one of Cathy’s favorite pastimes was hiking the Sierra trails, her Peterson Wildflower Manual in hand, for some field botany, while marveling at the magnificent splendor of the greatest natural gardens on earth. Imagine her surprise when she discovered a whole new set of blooms in the Mojave Desert! Road trips ensued with her very patient fiancé, who stopped on dirt roads at her every request to photograph fleeting blooms. Well...her fiancé became her husband, the road trips gave way to house-arrest for baby naps, and her wildflower photos were traded in for baby pictures. Being tethered to the house has provided ample time for yard work. And, while her father always comments on her dry lawn, he never complains about her colorful bouquets. So the garden saga continues....

We hope you join us as we enjoy Cathy’s interesting presentation. As always, visitors are welcome.

Helen Wheeler, Vice President, Programs

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