President's Message | january 2015

Ready or Not…

Here we go again. Another year has ended and a new one has begun. I want to head out to the garden, but the odd weather has me in a quandary. Should I prune the roses or leave them. I wanted to move a couple of them, but they never stopped blooming and look like they are ready to go again. The lilac must be really confused, as it has new leaves on one side. I still need to get trees to plant out back… I don’t think I’m ready. What a great turn out we had at our annual holiday potluck. There was plenty of great food and a fun gift exchange. Just the way to end a productive year at DIG. I’m really proud of all we accomplished last year at our sale and how we helped our community with the money we earned. It took a lot of devotion by a lot of people to make it a success. I’m looking forward to this year with the hope that we can get more people involved and be even more successful.

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Important Dates

We meet on the fourth Monday of each month, 7:30 pm at the Brentwood Community Methodist Church,
809 Second Street in Brentwood.

Board Meetings are held on the first Tuesday, (after the first Monday),
of each month in the Fireside Room.

Propagation Workshop

Please join us Saturday, February 14, as we move our operations to Wolfe Ranch. Check your Weeder  for more information. See LOCATIONSfor more information.

2015 Annual-Perennial Plant Sale

May 9, 2015 | Wolfe Ranch


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Carolee James | January 26th Speaker

"Why Bats Make Good Neighbors"

DIG member, Carolee James, will be the speaker at the January 26th meeting. Carolee will be speaking on ‘Why Bats Make Good Neighbors’. While Carolee was a docent at the Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek, she had an opportunity to work with the non-releasable bats by presenting educational bat programs to schools, clubs and organizations. After receiving pre-rabies vaccinations, Carolee also kept the Museum bats at her home when they were not on display or being used in Museum programs. Prior to moving to Oakley, Carolee lived in the Sierras where she helped rescue and rehabilitate bats.