Important Dates

We meet on the fourth Monday of each month, 7:30 pm at the Brentwood Community Methodist Church,
809 Second Street in Brentwood.

Board Meetings are held on the first Tuesday, (after the first Monday), 7:00 pm,
of each month in the Fireside Room.

General Meetings

March 25

April 22

May 20*

* a week early due to holiday

Board Meetings

April 2

May 7

June 4

Propagation Workshop

Propagation for the 2019 season has begun. Saturdays from 10:00am until noon at the Wolfe Ranch. Bring your clippers and gloves to learn how to propagate your favorite plants.  

2019 Annual-Perennial Plant Sale
May 11, 2019
Wolfe Ranch

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President's Message | March 2019

Propagation is ongoing every Saturday at the Wolfe Ranch from 10:00 until Noon. We sincerely appreciate those DIG’ers who have faithfully come to help on these past Saturdays in spite of the cold wind and rain.  Lighter soil has been delivered, so we are ready to fill cans and plant plants! We are in need of gallon cans and square  4” containers, if you have any please bring them out to the ranch. We are behind schedule due to the weather that we have had this year to date, so we will be having work days during the week in addition to Saturdays. We will send out a notice for any special work days during the week. We need  everyone’s help, there is a lot to do in only 7 weeks, the Plant Sale is May 11!! 

We were asked by Shepard’s  Gate Women’s Shelter to prune their roses for them again this year, they have approximately 100 rose bushes! I want to thank Juli Redford, Connie Miller and Celia Selders for joining me on March 5th to prune about ½ of the bushes, we need to return and finish them in the next week or so when there is dry weather. We’ll send out a notice of time and date for that outing so more can join us in finishing this job.

Bob Selders