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Welcome to Delta Informal Gardeners Web Site (DIG)
September 2014  |   President's Memo

Travel Gardening 

Summer is winding down and most of us are putting away our suitcases and picking up our rakes in anticipation of Autumn. Our travels now memories and photos to be stored away. I’ve been fortunate to be able to tag along when my husband travels on business, which has allowed me to visit some wonderful gardens around the world. In the last few years I have been able to visit the botanical gardens in Lund, Sweden (originally planted in 1682), the Chihuly Gardens in Seattle (wonderful blown glass incorporated into the landscape), and the International Rose Test Garden in Portland, Oregon.

Gardens are everywhere and have been incorporated into our everyday activities. Did you know there are gardens we can visit at AT&T Park behind centerfield and on many rooftops in San Francisco? If you were able to go with us on our last field trip you saw the gardens at Sunset Publishing and the Gamble Gardens just down the road. There are gardens everywhere, but one of my favorites is out my back door. I can stroll out whenever I like; pull a weed, plant something new, or just sit and enjoy the view (a glass of wine or cup of coffee an added plus). 

I hope you were able to see the gardens where you traveled this summer. Even if it was just the neighbor’s as you walked down the street. We’ll be doing more “travel gardening” on our upcoming field trips and I hope you can join us. Until then, head out the back door and visit your garden.

Robin Choate
(2014 President)

September 22, General Meeting

Kathy Echols will be speaking on Seeds: Creating, Collecting, Celebrating Your Success
Kathy was not only a graduate of the Diablo Valley Ornamental Horticultural Program, she returned to teach Plant Propagation, Plant Production, Greenhouse and Nursery Practices, and New Plant Introductions for over twenty years. 

Kathy is an avid plant propagator and is responsible for the massive amounts and unusual variety of plants that are sold at Diablo Valley College plant sales. She has been a past President of the International Plant Propagators.



What is DIG? 

Our purpose is to encourage interest in gardening through education and beautification of our community.  

We hold our meetings from 7:30-9:30 p.m. on the fourth Monday of every month, at the Methodist Church at 809 Second Street, which is on the corner of Maple, directly across from Liberty High School.

Drop into one of our meetings if you have a love for growing things — or even if you just want a reason to got out of the house and meet some friendly folks.  

We are a fun group of people.   Nobody’s a stranger twice.  You’ll see! 

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