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President's Message | AUGUST 2016

Great Turnout for potluck

This has to be the hottest summer here in Brentwood I’ve experienced since moving here 8 years ago. I’m sorry to say I haven’t spent much time in the garden except to water in the early hours. As I write this, it has cooled down somewhat and we’re seeing all the work there is to do. Many plants have not survived the heat, so it’s a good time to assess the damage and make some changes. Where to begin? Here’s my list so far. 1. Fix sprinklers ( don’t they always need fixing). 2. Plant more trees for shade. And speaking of trees I don’t want to forget to mention the Crape Myrtles around Brentwood this year. I think they’ve been looking exceptionally beautiful. They like the heat. 3. Do something about our dead front lawn. It’s time. It’s a difficult spot in the hot sun all day long. I purchased a few plants from our last speaker, Troy McGregor,from Ruth Bancroft Gardens and enjoyed his talk on tough and drought tolerant plants. I’m looking forward to our field trip there next month for more ideas on plants. Well, I think this list will keep us busy for awhile.

Propagation season is sneaking up on us as fall and cooler weather approaches. Look for dates in the Weeder for propagation workdays and come join us. Learn how to propagate plants and meet other Diggers and have fun as we get a start on our plants for our next years Plant Sale.

Want to learn the essential techniques for creating beautiful and unique container plantings? No matter how big or small the garden, there’s always room for containers! Container Gardening expert, Shawna Anderson, will present some of her favorite plants that she uses in her containers, and tips on how to take care of them. In addition, enjoy her PowerPoint presentation on container gardening.

Shawna has worked as an Advanced California Certified Nursery Professional at Orchard Nursery & Florist, Inc., in Lafayette, CA, since 2004. She spends her working years doing what she loves…getting her hands dirty!

In 2006, she completed her studies in Horticulture at Diablo Valley College, and in March, 2013, she became a Certified Master Gardener. She is now responsible for caring for the four-inch perennials in Collector’s Corner. She’s known as the “pot diva” because of the unique container gardens she creates. She has written many garden articles for Orchard and given classes on container gardening at the annual Harvest Festival and garden clubs throughout the bay area.

In addition, Shawna has her own business called “Thrillers, Fillers and Spillers®,” She designs container gardens, and provides garden consultations for East Bay area residents. Container gardening never goes out of style. It allows you to jazz up a patio, add charm to an entryway and bring serenity to a balcony.

In her spare time, she serves as the Horticultural Chair for the Herb Society    

Helen Wheeler, Vice President, Programs

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